Love art but think you're not talented enough?

Think again!

I know You CAN draw and paint

I’m Angela Birchall; I’m an artist and an art educator, and I love helping students who were convinced as youngsters that they didn’t have the talent to draw or paint, even though they loved art, or those who did love painting but then life got in the way and now they want to get back to painting, but they just don’t know how. 

I’ve helped them to unlock that door to creativity and come to realise that they really can draw and paint.

I also know how relaxing they find creating art is because I help them switch from the stress-filled left hemisphere of the brain onto the creative right hemisphere.

Now I want to offer you those same opportunities.

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I am putting my teaching techniques into 2 online programmes, both under the banner of You CAN draw and paint”.


The Art of Stress-busting

Painting and drawing are an incredible way to relax and lose yourself in a creative reverie so 'The Art of Stress-busting' is designed to help you switch off from the stresses of daily life and revel in creating your own unique works of art.  

'The Art of Stress-busting' offers a fabulous 'pick-and-mix' selection of lessons and sessions for you to choose from as the inspiration takes you: dip into watercolours, acrylics, soft pastel or oil pastel, sometimes mixing two media together!  

It is offered on a monthly subscription basis which gives you access to all the sessions as well as membership of a Facebook group to join in with chats and challenges and the chance to book one-to-one tutorials or coaching sessions with me.

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Introduction to the Art of Stress-busting

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Picture perfect landscapes


You CAN draw and paint's flagship programme is  ‘Painting landscapes in acrylics’.  It is an incredibly detailed, carefully structured programme to take you from beginner or intermediate to a confident and highly competent artist able to depict any landscape and to work on your own painting in situ 'en plein air'. 

In the Painting landscapes in acrylics programme I will guide you step-by-step through a series of 5 carefully constructed modules, each one focusing on a key aspect of landscape painting.

Each module comprises 5 lesson packages, each one packed with informative insights, tips on techniques, and practical painting exercises. They are all designed to build your expertise and confidence as you discover how to create your own unique works of art.


Enjoy 2 big bonuses

Learning to paint mountains, paths, trees, water, etc are vital to landscape painting, but that’s not all that you will learn on this programme.

There are two huge bonuses for you. 

First I will teach you how to use the rules of perspective and vanishing points - easily! Once you know those rules you can use them to create the illusion of distance and to give objects and buildings a solid, 3D structure.

Secondly, I will show you how to include figures and animals to add a fantastic story-telling ability into your paintings. You will learn how to draw the figures, give them movement, scale them up or down in size and then paint them into your landscapes.

Try FREE taster package to see how easy it is

I’ll let you into a secret! The reason it is so easy is because with the “You CAN draw and paint” programmes I am passing on 45 years of painting and drawing experience and almost as many years of teaching experience. 

The FREE taster session Introduction to painting landscapes in acrylics will give you a flavour of the whole programme and how easy it is for you to succeed as you work alongside me yet at your own pace and at whatever time is most convenient for you.

In addition to telling you all about the main programme the taster session also:

- introduces you to how landscape has been used in art over the centuries and the guidelines for composition

- gives you practical workshops on mixing a myriad of colours from just the 3 primary colours plus black and white;

- enables you to create a unique work of art as you follow me step-by-step in painting your own version of a snowy landscape

My pledge to you:

 If you are serious about learning to paint, 

then I am serious about teaching you to do just that! 

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